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Virtual Marathon

Thank you for your interest in the Virtual Marathon and for all of your support of Bulls For Kids and Shriners Hospitals For Children - Tampa!


This is unlike any other marathon you’ve signed up for because the goal is to not have you run at all! How it works is when you register, you will be asked how many miles you’d like to sign up for. Each mile is a $10 commitment, so if you sign up for 26 miles like a real marathon, then you are trying to fundraise $260. Whatever you don’t fundraise by the deadline is how many miles you actually run at the event. So building off of the example above, if you only fundraise $220, then you would run 4 miles.


Shriners Hospitals For Children- Tampa is located right on the USF campus and they treat children until the age of 18 years old completely free of charge. The hospital specializes in orthopedic conditions, so X-rays are of utmost importance. Every $260 raised, covers the average cost of X-rays for one patient.

Sign up at this link!!

Here is everything you need to know about the challenge.

  • Who can participate?

    • Anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate in the challenge as individuals.

  • How can this benefit my Dance Marathon fundraising goal?

    • If you are already registered for Dance Marathon then all of the money raised will be added directly to your personal Classy account. Also, you are able to have friends/ family sign up on your behalf. In that case, all of the money they raise will be added directly to your Classy page and counted for spirit points and fundraising incentives.

  • What is the purpose of the virtual marathon?

    • The main goal of this virtual marathon is to put yourself on the line as a fundraising incentive. Maybe family and friends know that you don’t enjoy running, so they’ll donate just to stop you from having to do so many miles. It’s also something fun to do with your friends and family if you all sign up to “run” together!

  • How many miles should I sign up for?

    • Everyone is encouraged to sign up for 26 miles just like a real marathon. The $260 raised from one person signing up for a marathon covers the cost of a single X-ray, and with Shriners Hospitals For Children- Tampa specializing in orthopedic conditions X-rays are extremely important.

    • Although 26 miles are encouraged, there are no maximums or minimums. You can sign up for one mile or 100 miles, whatever you feel comfortable you can raise/run.

  • When and where is the physical race?

    • The physical race will tentatively take place on February 21st on the University of South Florida’s Campus. However, if you can’t make it, the race can be done on any treadmill or track!

  • How can I get donations?

    • After you register, you will be given a personal fundraising page and a specific link to your page. You can share this link on social media and ask friends and family to support your new goal! 

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