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Meet the Kids


Bulls for Kids is very fortunate to have 4 amazing families. Our families are true inspirations and the pinnacle of what Dance Marathon stands for and constantly remind us of the true meaning behind “For The Kids". Our organization is honored to have these amazing families attend Dance Marathon every year and support our students. Take a moment to meet the heart and soul of our student led philanthropy.

If you have any questions about Shriners Children's Florida or our families, please contact our Family Relations Director at

Bentley Rogers

Bentley was born prematurely at 29 1⁄2 weeks with quadriplegia cerebral palsy, a condition that affects the movement in all four limbs of the body. Bentley’s medical journey has included one surgery to release his hamstrings and adductors in both legs, and recently, a second one to lengthen those hamstrings to help regain his muscle strength. Bentley currently has up to two appointments a week in the rehabilitation department to help improve his mobility. He also receives care from our facility’s seating and Pediatric Orthotic and Prosthetic Services (POPS) departments, which provide Bentley’s family with the equipment he needs to stay on the move: a manual and power wheelchair, as well as a pair of ankle-foot orthotics (AFOs) each year to help support him while he grows. 

Some things that he loves are:

-Activities: watching sports, playing video games

-Favorite Color: Green

-Favorite Sports: WWE, Football, Hockey 

-Favorite Sports Team: Lightning and Buccaneers

-Favorite Food: Candy

-Most excited for at DM: Game room


Zavi Gonzalez

Zavi was diagnosed with fibular hemimelia; a rare condition in which part or all of a leg’s fibular bone is missing. Zavi was also born with a little foot that had only three toes and nearly no ankle. Zavi spent his first 2.5 months after birth at a local hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with tracheal esophageal fistula (TEF). His esophagus didn’t connect to his stomach, so doctors performed surgery at two days old to repair it. After recovering from his first surgery, Zavi went for an evaluation at the Tampa facility, where doctors recommended amputating his foot.

Some things that he loves are:

-Favorite Color: Light Blue

-Activities: Playing baseball

-Favorite Movie: Step Friday

-Favorite TV Show: Family Guy

-Future Career: Baseball Player

-Favorite BFK Event: Flag Football and Dance Marathon

Allison Michael

Allison was born with fibular hemimelia, a congenital disorder that left her without a left fibula, the thin bone in the lower leg, as well as a hip joint that won't stay in the socket. Surgeons amputated her left leg just below the knee and  Allison received her first prosthetic leg months after that surgery. 


Some things that she loves are:

-Favorite Color: Purple

-Favorite Activities: Girl Scouts and Board Games

-Favorite Movie: Captain America: Civil War

-Favorite TV Show: The Mysterious Benedict Society

-Future Career: Lawyer

-Favorite BFK Event: Game Night

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