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Committee Members

Committee Member applications are now open on BullSync!

Looking to be a direct part of the organization? Bulls For Kids offers positions that fit every person's passions! If you are passionate about the cause and are interested in being a part of the movement, join one of our committees. In this position, you will work closely with the Committee Chairs to complete tasks throughout the year relative to that team. There are 14 committees that you can choose from, each with a unique contribution to the cause. 




The Fundraising committee is responsible for creating and managing fundraising events throughout the year to raise money For The Kids! They continuously work to gain support and engagement from those in and outside the organization to help make these events successful!


The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for finding sponsors that'll support Bulls for kids events such as Dance Marathon! They work to find food sponsors for events as well as work to help find monetary and in-kind sponsorships. They use their connections and research skills to help raise money For The Kids!


The Treasury Committee is responsible for keeping track of all funds from bfk events to Mini Dance Marathon events to Classy, our fundraising platform! They use their organizational and budgeting skills to help make sure everything runs smoothly!


The Marketing Committee is responsible for creating the branding for bulls For Kids! They use their creative skills to design informational packets, create flyers, film events, and help make graphics for social media to keep people informed and engaged on BFK events and Dance Marathon

Hospital Relations



Marketing and Public Relations

Membership Development

Mini DM




Recruitment-Fraternity and Sorority



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