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Meet The BFK Team


Logan Semegram


Spencer Waid

Vice President of Business

Rozafa Maqellari

Vice President of Communications

Angel Escobar

Vice President of Engagement

Joshua Mantohac

Vice President of Events

Executive Board

Simone Genne

Hospitality Director

Kevin Nquyen

Fundraising Director

Daniel Ramirez

Partnership Director

Hannah Thomas

Treasury Director

Molly Rau

Marketing Director

Lia Morrissey

Membership Development Director


Public Relations Director

Emma Graddy

Merchandise Director

Tierra Pender

FSL Recruitment Director


Morale Communications Director

MacKenzie Afoon

Morale Logistics Director

Stefanos Belavilas 

General Recruitment Director

Kyle Rhodes

Hospital Relations Director

Alexa Gonzalez

Mini DM Director


Marathon Director